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About Wheels of Wisdom

About Wheels of WisdomWheels of Wisdom is the home of the the Wheels of Wisdom cycling podcast, where I head out on two wheels to talk to interesting people about interesting things.

It’s a series of interviews and commentaries, sometimes loosely, sometimes directly, related to cycling and adventure touring.


Where can I listen to the podcast?

The podcast is available in iTunes, via the Internet Archive and also via the players on the posts on this site.

How can I get in touch?

If you’d like to get in touch, you can contact Wheels of Wisdom via Twitter @jasonbenali.

What technology do you use to create the podcast?

As portability is key (sometimes at the expense of audio quality), the podcast is currently recorded using an iRig microphone plugged into an iPhone (better microphones are available, see here). It is then edited in Audacity and hosted by the wonderful people at the Internet Archive. From there it’s added to a WordPress post and then converted into a podcast-ready feed by Feedburner.

For a full write-up of the whole recording and publishing process used, you can read the post on How to host and edit a podcast for free.

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